Delivery of mixed consignment

  • Do You need to deliver 1-2 pallets of cargo while reducing Your warehouse stocks?
  • Is Your business connected with regular small shipments?
  • Would You like to order samples for a specialized exhibition?

The use of consolidation warehouses and regular shipments of trucks and containers with mixed consignment allow You to rely on timely and quality delivery of Your goods exactly within the agreed period of time.

For transportation we use warehouses in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Kaunas, Riga, St. Petersburg and other cities to where goods arrive on a daily basis. In this way we ensure regular loading of mixed containers and vehicles. Some time ago clients had concerns about service being not constant and delay of cargo in transit, nowadays the operation is organized on the basis of guaranteed weekly service.

When those deliveries are in question, we offer the variety of services: You may bring goods to our consolidation warehouse on Your own or, vise versa, pick up cargo from our terminal in Russia. We are ready to offer a full complex delivery with customs clearance, otherwise we just deliver the goods to the customs terminal that You specify in request. It all depends on your requirements, together we may consider all possible options and develop optimal delivery scheme exactly suitable for Your business.