Think it over - what kind of services do You need?

Simply, a shipping from point A to point B at the lowest price?

Or – are You looking to intergated services, individual approach, responsibility, comprehensive information on Your shipments at every stage and precise fulfillment of the Agreement and Request provisions?

After all, only with reliable logistics service provider indeed You may not only deliver Your shipment, but manage cost of transportation as well, therefore increasing the competitiveness of Your company.

Ability Group — is the international logistics operator, providing a full range of services in the field of transportation, transport logistics, customs clearance to its customers. Due to sophisticated partner network around the globe, we provide comprehensive customer service with a high level quality in any place of the world. The entire logistic chain is organized strictly in accordance with Your requirements.

We minimize Your risks

We save Your time, take responsibility for Your goods, and, ultimately, we save You money.
Now we provide the following services:

In the Russian market Ability Group specializes in comprehensive services in the field of import and customs clearance of goods as well as domestic transportation by various types of transport.

We employ different types of rolling stock: marine containers of all types, road vehicles (tent from 9 to 120 m3, refrigerated trailers, container platforms), railway transport (cars, gondola cars, railroad containers of various sizes).

Multimodal transportation

The most demanded service to date is a comprehensive multimodal transportation by several modes of transportation accompanied by customs clearance.

Along the special projects we carry hazardous and oversized cargo.

One of our priority directions of development is delivery of mixed consignment (up to 50 kg) from Europe and Southeast Asia to Russia. Using consolidation warehouses in Hong Kong, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Kaunas, Helsinki and other cities and applying accumulated experience we are able to deliver Your goods without delay from virtually any place in the world.