The integrated logistics

In all these and many other cases, You may take care of shipping issues entering in just one Agreement with our company, since the integrated logistics is our specialty!
You have intensive cargo movements, at the same time You are not eager to enter into many agreements with large amount of auto transport companies, since that would lead to huge time consumtion and increase risk?
Are You responsible for shipping and customs clearance of imported raw materials for Your company?
You need to bring a small batch of samples from South-East Asia, at the same time You are not looking to perform foreign economic activity on Your own?
Are you tired to calculate additional costs arising in the course of transportation?

We will help you to develop an optimal logistic scheme and reduce costs.

Shipments are performed based on “door to door” provision, at all stages of transportation You will have just one partner responsible for the whole process of delivery. We will save You from entering into multiple contracts and spending time on searching optimal schemes and contractors.

We will assist You to save money, as we enjoy exclusive rates and operating conditions from contractors in various destinations due to long-term cooperation and regular traffic flows.

You will have a personal manager whom You may contact on any issue 7 days a week 24 hours a day!

All information on Your shipment forwarding will be provided to You on a daily basis by Your manager via e-mail or in any other way convenient for You (including Your personal page on the given website).

Highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in various fields of logistics is working in our staff – You will get assistance in organizing all processes customized for your requirements. Each client is unique for us!

You will reduce costs for additional staff in the logistics department of Your company, since all required operations will be performed by us.

When providing import delivery we closely cooperate with senders of cargo, thus sharply reducing the risk of incoordination at shipping and execution of documents.

You will be able to plan Your expenses with greater confidence. Already at the stage of price apporval You will have strictly fixed total cost. There will be no need to worry about additional costs (such as demurrage and storage at port, customs clearance, idlings at loading and unloading, etc.).

When required, we are ready to perform a full range of foreign trade activities for You, buying goods from Your supplier in Europe or Asia.